How we work

We provide high quality work to our clients.  All work is undertaken by one or more of our five experienced partners.  There is no delegation to junior staff.  We have combined experience of over 70 years of writing expert reports and providing forensic accounting advice to clients.  We have given oral evidence in the Civil and Crown Courts on a number of occasions.

Independent opinion, thought and advice.  Using our professional experience and objective perspective we provide both our clients and the Courts with honest, independent advice and/or opinion, sometimes complex financial matters and the basis of any conclusions presented in a clear and uncomplicated way.

Flexible approach. We tailor our work and the format of our reporting to best meet our clients’ requirements, such as timescales, budget and the nature of the case in question.  We are used to reporting in the following contexts:

  • Advisory
  • Expert witness
  • Expert determination
  • Mediation/arbitration

A lack of conflicts of interest.  Being an independent forensic accounting firm we pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly as we are unlikely to have conflicts of interest.

Good value and flexible fee structures.  Our fees are competitive, reasonable and transparent.  We always ensure our costs are proportionate to the matter in hand by considering the particular circumstances of each assignment.

We generally charge on an hourly basis albeit estimates can be prepared for particular phases of work or the overall assignment if requested.  In certain circumstances we may be able to consider fixed fees, capped fees, deferred fees and contingent fees.

We also undertake legally aided work at the prevailing rates, subject to prior authority from the Legal Aid Agency.

All work is subject to contract and successful completion of know your client (KYC) procedures. Our terms are available on request and a signed engagement letter is required before work is able to commence.