Personal injury

We provide advice or expert opinion in relation to the quantum of lost earnings and pensions where the individual’s financial circumstances are not straightforward, such as those who are self-employed or owner-managers of businesses, or employees with complicated remuneration packages.

Range of our work

We prepare reports in respect of loss of earnings and pensions including in the following circumstances:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Medical accidents
  • Injuries at work
  • Disease cases, including mesothelioma
  • Fatal accidents and loss of dependency

We have an in depth understanding of the legal framework governing loss calculations, and act for claimants, defendants or on a joint basis.

Each claim includes the consideration of losses particular to that assignment.  We have dealt with a range of different losses including:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of pension
  • Loss of other benefits in kind from employment
  • Loss of profits
  • Business valuation.

The range of our assignments is from advising just only upon the pension loss suffered by a claimant through to producing detailed expert reports in very high value claims.

Frequently we are retained to advise only, without resorting to an expert appointment, to assist in reviewing claims for either the claimant or defendant and if instructed, to draft calculations and sections of Schedules and Counter-schedules.

The team has experience in dealing with claims pursued by foreign nationals through the UK courts as well as UK citizens injured abroad.  We also have experience of miscarriage of justice cases and criminal injury compensation claims.


Our work would include an assessment of pre and post-accident trends.  Typically, this would include research of the individual’s business or employer and the markets and industries in which it operates, and the prospects for the business.  We have access to industry research reports to assist in our work.

Where a case may have a significant number of assumptions, we have developed interactive financial models to allow different scenarios to be calculated and considered by the parties.

You will receive clear and well-founded advice and testimony built on many years of experience.

Other services
Advisory services

When instructed as advisor we have prepared both not-for-disclosure and disclosable letters and reports which include detailed financial analysis and clear supporting evidence of our investigations.  The advisory letters and reports assist our clients to negotiate a settlement.  If negotiations fail and the matter proceeds to litigation we can also act as accountancy expert should we be so instructed.

Preliminary reviews

When instructed during the early stages we work with our clients, through a preliminary review of documents, to identify the most significant aspects of the case and to highlight key areas for further investigation or key documents that should be requested. 

Desktop review

For smaller, less complex claims we operate a ‘desktop’ claims review service.  We offer a fast and focused service which comprises us reviewing documents and preparing a not-for-disclosure letter identifying:

  • errors in the claim
  • lack of information in the documents provided
  • inconsistencies in the claim
  • exaggeration or potential fraud
  • initial recalculation of the loss

This should allow you to negotiate a settlement, or to proceed to litigation, where we can also act as your accountancy expert should you wish us to do so.

Training and lectures

We offer training and lectures on topics relevant to personal injury claims.

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