Drawing on experience and a range of research resources, we value businesses, shareholdings and intellectual property to facilitate dispute resolution in both personal and commercial matters.

Share and business valuations

We are regularly instructed either as named experts or as single joint experts for both claimants and defendants.  Our reports are prepared objectively and independently as we understand that our overriding duty is to assist the Court pursuant to FPR 25 or CPR 35.

We have extensive experience of providing advice and expert evidence to companies, partnerships and individuals on valuations in the context of acquisitions, disposals, mergers and restructuring proposals across a wide range of industries.


We believe that valuations are not the result of a mechanical process alone. We adopt a variety of methodologies and techniques in deriving a valuation and draw upon our experience to give our clients quality valuation advice.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a high level of adaptability, flexibility and innovation to ensure each valuation is bespoke and fitting to the facts.


As well as our experience of undertaking valuations we request relevant information from the business in relation to its historic and current financial performance and future prospects.  We undertake research into the industry and/or markets in which the business operates.  Our methodology includes an assessment of appropriate valuation methodologies, a review of comparable transactions and multiples and using more than one valuation approach to double check the overall valuation.

Intellectual property valuations

We are able to apply principles from our commercial valuation expertise and adopt a range of valuation methodologies to produce robust valuation ranges for intellectual property such as brands, trademarks, customer relationships, databases, patents and software to assist clients in negotiations, decision making, legal disputes, investment analysis and as security for borrowings.

Other services
Advisory services

When instructed as advisor we have prepared both not-for-disclosure and disclosable letters and reports which include detailed financial analysis and clear supporting evidence of our investigations.  The advisory letters and reports assist our clients to negotiate a settlement.  If negotiations fail and the matter proceeds to litigation we can also act as accountancy expert should we be so instructed.

Preliminary reviews

When instructed during the early stages we work with our clients, through a preliminary review of documents, to identify the most significant aspects of the case and to highlight key areas for further investigation or key documents that should be requested. 

Desktop reviews

For smaller, straight forward businesses with a turnover of less than £500,000 we offer a Desktop Valuation service.  Our work will provide an indicative market valuation of the business.  The scope will be limited but the report may be prepared on a single joint or party appointed basis and can be subject to CPR 35.

Training and lectures

We offer training and lectures on topics such as valuations, realising value and understanding accounts.

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