We provide advice or expert opinion in relation to the valuation of business assets, interest in businesses and matters such as taxation and liquidity.

Share and Business Valuation

We are regularly instructed either as named experts or as single joint experts for both claimants and defendants.  Our reports are prepared objectively and independently as we understand that our overriding duty is to assist the Court pursuant to FPR 25.

We have extensive experience of valuing interests in companies and businesses of all types specifically for the purposes of Financial Proceedings (Ancillary Relief), whether for an FDR or a fully contested hearing.

We are used to dealing with complex share structures, quasi partnerships and with accounts which may not immediately reveal all of the financial information relevant to the case.

Other services
Desktop services

For smaller, straight forward businesses with a turnover of less than £500,000 we offer a Matrimonial Desktop Valuation service.  Our work will provide an indicative market valuation of the business.  The scope will be limited but the report may be prepared on a single joint or party appointed basis and can be subject to FPR 25.

Form E reviews and Questionnaires

In financial proceedings with complex finances, substantial assets or a lack of knowledge about either of the parties’ finances we can provide advisory assistance with the completion and or review of the Form E and can assist with producing Questionnaires detailing further questions to be asked in respect of the Form E disclosure.

Advisory services

As well as acting as expert, we have been engaged as a shadow expert in high value cases and have prepared advisory reports for use in mediation.

Liquidity reviews

In addition to valuing a business, we are regularly asked to report on the liquidity of business assets, potential means of extracting funds from a business or company, and the tax implications (both personal and corporate) of extracting the value in a certain manner.

Income assessment

We can evaluate the actual income of the parties to the proceedings and provide opinions on the potential income that might be derived from the family business.

Detailed investigation

If required we are able to carry out a detailed investigation of the financial affairs of a business or group of businesses or of the personal financial affairs of the parties, tracing assets and unravelling complex transactions to obtain a more complete financial picture.

Preliminary reviews

When instructed during the early stages we work with our clients, through a preliminary review of documents, to identify the most significant aspects of the case and to highlight key areas for further investigation or key documents that should be requested. 

Training and lectures

We offer training and lectures on topics such as valuations, realising value and understanding accounts.

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