Tempest Forensic Accounting is an independent firm specialising in forensic accountancy.  Our five partners are all qualified Chartered Accountants, each having trained and worked in large accounting firms before joining Tempest.

We carry out a wide range of forensic accounting work for individuals, lawyers, companies and the public sector.  We have prepared numerous advisory and expert reports in both criminal and civil matters, covering a wide range of financial disputes and investigations.

The firm is based in Bristol and Wales and carries out work internationally and nationally with a focus on the South of England and Wales.  We offer:

  • High quality work – all work is performed by the partners.
  • Independent opinion, thought and advice.
  • A lack of conflicts of interest.
  • Good value and flexible fee structures.


We have extensive experience of providing advice in pre-action matters and subsequently working as party expert, single joint expert or shadow expert in litigation, arbitration and mediation.

We are also involved in expert determinations, acting as determiner or putting together submissions for one of the parties.
Geoff Mesher has given evidence in Court on several occasions, including the High Court.

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We have considerable experience of providing advice to companies, partnerships and individuals on business valuations in the context of acquisitions, disposals, mergers and restructuring proposals as well as valuations of intellectual property. In addition to acting as advisors we have been appointed as experts in civil proceedings, including commercial litigation cases such as contract disputes, transaction disputes and warranty claims as well as in matrimonial proceedings.

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We have been instructed in various aspects of financial proceedings, from providing advice and assistance with the review of Form Es and completion of questionnaires to preparing reports as either single joint expert, party expert or shadow expert. Our instructions typically include business valuation, liquidity, extraction of funds and taxation issues relating to the business valuation. Geoff Mesher has given evidence in the Family Court on several occasions.

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We are involved in a range of forensic investigations for corporates, prosecuting authorities and not for profit organisations, brought about in a range of circumstances, from allegations by whistle blowers or concerns over profitability to the suspension of employees. We also work proactively with organisations who have suffered a fraud, recommending and helping to implement changes in mitigating the risk of fraud. The team have delivered training to a range of organisations on topics related to fraud, bribery and corruption.

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We work on a range of criminal matters, acting on instructions of defence solicitors or prosecuting authorities. Our experience includes confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which can involve a detailed examination of the Defendant’s finances to assess both the benefit an individual has made from criminal activity and the value of their available assets.
We are able to undertake legally aided work and are happy to review documents at no charge in order to provide a quotation for funding applications.

We have prepared expert reports and professional witness statements and given evidence in the Crown Court on many occasions.

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Personal Injury

For personal injury, clinical negligence and fatal accident cases, we have extensive experience in providing expert opinion and advice on lost earnings and pensions. 

Usually these are where the individual’s financial circumstances are not straightforward, such as those who are self-employed or owner-managers of businesses, or employees with complicated remuneration packages.

Acting on instructions from those representing claimants, defendants or on a joint basis, Ralph Chatfield is an acknowledged expert.


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